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Martina Holmberg

Sixty Tips for Creative iPhone Photography

Sixty Tips for Creative iPhone Photography


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Juli 2012
144 Seiten
ISBN: 978-1-937538-12-5

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The iPhone´s convenient form factor, built-in software, and third-party apps have led it to become the camera of immediate choice for millions of users worldwide. Whether you have been using your iPhone camera to document everyday life or are just discovering photography, this book is for you.

Author Martina Holmberg shares sixty tips that cover everything from shooting and editing pictures using your iPhone´s basic features, to third-party apps and techniques for turning ordinary snapshots into unique and artistic images. The book is filled with images that illustrate each tip.

Also included are two guest galleries that showcase iPhone photos from professional photographers Dominique James and Uwe Steinmueller. You´ll be amazed and inspired by the artistic photography that can be achieved using the iPhone.

Topics include:
- Using the camera´s limitations to your advantage
- Developing your photographic eye
- Composing interesting snapshots of your everyday life
- Using third-party apps
- Capturing portraits
- Shooting videos... and more!

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