• Masterclass: Professional Studio Photography

Dennis Savini

Masterclass: Professional Studio Photography

Oktober 2012, 240 Seiten, komplett in Farbe, Festeinband
Rocky Nook
ISBN Print: 978-1-937538-07-1

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This book provides a comprehensive workshop on studio photography aimed at aspiring professionals. Richly illustrated, it covers an array of photographic subjects including still life, industry, technology, food, jewelry, portraiture, and more.

The first part of the book focuses on concepts of studio planning, lighting, perspective, and camera and lens choices. The workshops that follow include 50 full-page photographic masterpieces, each with a detailed description of how the image was created. Author Dennis Savini walks the reader through all of the steps that led to each of his magnificent studio shots as he describes and illustrates the camera and equipment specs, studio design and setup, lighting, and postprocessing.

All of this information is communicated in a clear and simple manner and includes example images, diagrams of studio setups and lighting arrangements, and computer screenshots. Savini reveals the tips, tricks, and secrets he has learned throughout his many years as a professional photographer and teacher.



  • Photographers
  • Students

Autor / Autorin

Dennis Savini is a professional photographer based in Zurich, Switzerland. He strongly believes that the future success of the photography profession is up to those who participate in the field, and he enjoys contributing his expertise through teaching. Dennis has been training apprentices since 1980 and teaches workshops for professionals in Switzerland and abroad. His experience teaching these workshops led him to realize how little importance is given to vocational training in many countries—a realization that inspired him to write this book. Since 2005, Dennis has been a partner and course instructor at cap-fotoschule, a photography school in Zurich, where he trains future professional photographers.

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