• The Manga Guide to Statistics

Shin Takahashi

The Manga Guide to Statistics

November 2008, 224 Seiten, Broschur
No Starch Press
ISBN Print: 978-1-59327-189-3

17,00 €

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If you´re feeling anxious about statistics, or you just need to get a handle on your data, The Manga Guide to Statistics will help you conquer that "I´m no good at math" feeling. This cartoon guide will have you on your way to statistical literacy in no time. And because no mathematics book is complete without them, it has exercises (and answers), too, so you can practice what you learn.

Follow along as the ever-patient Mr. Yamamoto teaches Rui how to:

- calculate the mean, median, and standard deviation of bowling scores

- graph ramen noodle prices on a histogram

- determine the probability of getting an a on a math test

- calculate the Cramer´s coefficient to determine how boys and girls prefer to be asked out

- learn how standards score is used to adjust test results when teachers "grade on a curve"

These and other quirky, real-world examples make it easy for you to learn what many people find difficult to master.

If you want to learn statistics but you feel like your head is going to explode, or if you just need a great refresher, let Mr. Yamamoto and Rui be your guides.



  • • Students of statistics; business people
    • Continuing education courses
    • Strong library sales potential


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