• The Manga Guide to Relativity

Hideo Nitta / Masafumi Yamamoto / Keita Takatsu

The Manga Guide to Relativity

Mai 2011, 192 Seiten, Broschur
No Starch Press
ISBN Print: 978-1-59327-272-2

16,00 €

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Everything´s gone screwy at Takai academy. When the crazy headmaster forces Minagi´s entire class to study Einstein´s theory of relativity over summer school, Minagi volunteers to go in their place. There´s just one problem: he´s never even heard of relativity before! Luckily, Minagi has the plucky Miss Uraga to teach him.

Follow along with The Manga Guide to Relativity as Minagi learns about the non-intuitive laws that shape our universe. Before you know it, you´ll master difficult concepts like inertial frames of reference, unified space-time, and the equivalence principle. You´ll even see how relativity affects modern astronomy and discover why GP systems and other everday technologies depend on Einstein´s extraordinary discovery.

The Manga Guide to Relativity also teaches you how to:

- unterstand and use E = MC2, the world´s most famous equation

- calculate the effects of time dilation using the pythagorean theorem

- understand classic thought experiments like the twin paradox, and see why length contracts and mass increases at relativistic speeds

- grasp the underpinnings of Einstein´s special and general theories of relativity

If the idea of bending space and time really warps your brain, The Manga Guide to Relativity will straighten things out.

"Highly recommendes." - Choice Magazine
"Stimulus for the next generation of scientists." - Scientific Computing
"A great fit of form and subject. Recommended". - Otaku USA Magazine



  • • College and high school students
    • Parents, teachers, engineers, scientists, and physicists
    • Public and school libraries

Autor / Autorin

Hideo Nitta completed his doctorate at Waseda University Graduate School of Science and Engineering, 1987, majoring in Theoretical Physics and Physics Education. He is currently a professor in the Department of Education at Tokyo Gakugei University. He is also the author of The Mange Guide to Physics (Ohmsha, No Starch Press).

Masafumi Yamamoto completed his doctorate at Hokkaido University Graduate School of Engineering Division of Applied Physics, 1984. He is currently Representative Director of Yaaba, Ltd.

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